Fashion – Women Special Occasion Dresses

The concept and understanding of fashion has changed with changing time but still we lag behind in the basic understanding of the concept. The understanding largely varies from person to person so Fashion may be explained as adapting to the latest trends or can simply be termed as imitation of western culture.

Youngsters and teenagers have a major impact of it. Although the phenomenon is majorly restricted to metro cities but the influence can be seen all over the country. The major difference being ,that the developed cities emphasize the positive side of it but at the same time the adaptation or imitation of fashion  by lesser developed cities is taken in a sarcastic way. So if we talk about the over all country the concept has not been accepted as a whole. Even in this 21st century fashion is considered as a taboo in small cities and town.The idea behind fashion is to bring that pride and confidence in you. Its about the clothes, colors, concept, accessories and then bringing out the right mix of all. But today fashion has become more of not what you are wearing but who you are wearing. Designer and branded clothes have become the basis of fashion. People have started believing “if its not expensive (branded) its not good” but they fail to understand that with this thinking they are actually falling prey to the present day commercialization. A normal middle class person or teenager is unable to afford these high cost articles.


Fashion if taken as fun, something that brings liveliness in you or something that makes you current is appreciated but if you just do it to empress others at the cost of loosing your own individuality and just blending with the society is not good. Brands have become a status symbol in teenagers today. Those who cannot afford such brands of women special occasion dresses feel embarrassed in group. Accepting the western culture is not bad rather change is a part of life. Life becomes dull and boring if we do not change our style with the passing time and also changing as per the current trend adds that spice in your life. One must blend his or her own individuality with the present trend, which correctly defines fashion. Our society may bring in the trends from any culture but trying to fit in something which is not really meant for you is wrong.


Cosmetology is another field which is giving a wrong direction to fashion . One must believe in natural beauty and face structures. Going for surgeries unnecessarily  just to add few more percent to your beauty is odd. Using branded perfumes, watches, glasses, shoes etc. have become the necessity of teenagers.

All in all fashion should be taken as a concept which helps enhance the personality of an individual and makes him all the more confident in group of people. Also change is the rule of life. It brings variety in our life and changing with the ever changing  fashion trends keeps the human mood going. Fashion, if  used in a positive way and blended nicely with self persona will give you pride and confidence and keeps you lively for many years to come. Something like women church suits, business suits for women a kind of specialty need to be in women’s clothing fashion.